Is the overseas hospital accredited and by whom?

A: The Council for Health Services Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) is the only internationally recognized, quality improvement accreditation body for healthcare facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) is an independent body established in terms of the National Health Amendment Act of 2013 to ensure that both the public and private health establishments in South Africa comply with the required health standards.

Is the doctor certified and trained in the specialty /branch of medicine that suites my medical and surgical needs?

A: All Grandeur SA doctors have all the necessary qualifications and expertise in the area of specialty that they are trained in, where they received training, where they studied, and in what specialty they are board-certified can be provided.

What if you have a medical complication while you are there or when you return home?

A: No one can guarantee you will have a problem-free medical travel experience. It is recommended that medical travel insurance is purchased prior to your departure. Medical travel insurance is a type of insurance coverage that helps pay for any costs associated with incidents that may occur during or after your trip. It is recommended to arrange for follow-up care with your primary doctor after you arrive back home. Make sure you speak with your primary doctor before you decide to travel abroad for your medical procedure. He or she must be aware of your decision and committed to monitoring your recovery once you return home.

Will there be a language barrier between you and the medical staff?

A: Sometimes traveling abroad requires preparing in order to be able to communicate with the medical staff. All consultations will be done in English in South Africa, and a translator may be provided if you wish to choose to have one. A care plan will be developed so that you’re properly informed on every aspect of your procedure/treatment.

Is the country that I am traveling too for my procedure safe, or are there any travel alerts or warnings?

Grandeur SA Limited will assist you in finding out this information prior to your departure so you will have the peace of mind you deserve during your trip.

What if you have a financial issue after you arrive at your place of destination?

A: Always take the following precautionary measures before your departure to ensure you can cover the total cost of your medical procedure and other additional expenses.

  1. Inform your financial institutions of the dates you will be traveling out of the country and that you will be using your credit/debit card for different transactions.
  2. Find out who is responsible for any additional costs and how much if it is not covered by the hospital within your procedure package.
  3. Make sure that you find out what is included and what is not included in the price estimate for your procedure package.
  4. Make sure that you have the available funds for the total cost of your trip prior to your departure.
  5. Always have a financial backup plan just in case you run out of funds, your debit/credit card stops working, or you misplace your debit/credit card.


Can I bring along a companion or a friend?

A: Bringing a companion along with you on your medical trip is always recommended, especially if you are undergoing a major surgical procedure. Physical and moral support can be extremely beneficial during your recovery period. A companion’s main objective during your medical trip is to assist you during your recovery process and to make sure that all your needs are met.

Why is Medical Travel so much cheaper in other countries?

A: One of the main reasons why medical travel cost less in other countries is because the currency exchange is cheaper. The cost for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, aides, and meals is tremendously cheaper when traveling abroad. Most foreign countries have lower medical and overhead costs, making it much less expensive to receive the same high-quality care as they do in other well-developed countries.

Can you take a vacation while you are in your destination?

A: A great way to take advantage of your stay in a foreign country is to schedule a vacation for pleasure before or after your medical procedure. It makes a lot of sense to tour a beautiful location, recover on the beaches or enjoy the amenities of a beautiful resort before departing from your destination.

What are the VISA Requirements for South Africa?

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